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The Global Brand Studio, formerly known as the Creative Lab is TikTok’s creative consultancy and business entertainment studio for brands and creative companies. Our team brings together deep generalists from every discipline and industry and encourages them to embrace their unique superpowers to create a legendary impact. Within the Creative Lab sits the Global Brand Studio team which is the marketing and production and creative design arm of the team in charge of producing creative advertising and marketing material for the North American and Global markets. Within this context I worked to lead multiple experiential, interactive, digital and social executions for the TikTok brand as the Design Director.

Over 1 Billion Monthly Active Users
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In 2021 TikTok passed Google as the most visited website in the world while surpassing over 1 Billion worldwide users and counting.


As a part of the TikTok Creative Lab my challenge is to create brand-defining creative campaigns and collaborations with our top creators on platform that brings inspiration and joy to our audience. I was tasked with leading the overarching design direction and voice for the brand when showing up in digital marketing or in real life experiential settings as a part of our newly launched TikTok Creative Lab Studios team. From deciding brand guidelines for various elements of how TikTok shows up online and IRL the key was to amplify our core mission to inspire creativity and bring joy. A core belief at TikTok is that every person is a creator and my role was meant to impute all of our front and business facing content to reflect this ideal. The challenge is that we're building the future of entertainment, business, activism, news, and community — in real-time with our creator community.

The vision of the Global Business Marketing Team is to create a global brand that amplifies our mission and establishes TikTok as a unique and critical investment for the industry we serve. Fostering best in class creative work on our platform, inspiring the industry through storytelling and showcasing our unique business brand at scale is the core focus of our collective team. Our purpose is to inspire, educate and unlock the possibilities on TikTok for the marketing community and businesses of all sizes.

Within the greater Global Creative Lab Team, Creative Lab Studios produces business entertainment that inspires TikTok-first thinking and services the different Global Marketing teams. The studio is comprised of world-class designers and production experts, dedicated to showing our agency partners and clients how best to show up on TikTok. We have a passion for, and deep knowledge of TikTok as a platform, and are full of ideas that will help propel the platform into the future.

Below are various examples of projects where I had a chance to lead the overarching design direction and execution or be involved in helping bring a concept to reality as a part of a larger studio team. This section is still under construction, so I haven't had a chance to write in further detail about the projects, so in the meantime please just enjoy the vibes. Consider it the infinite scroll of a For You Page curated with fire content and enjoy the ride -