During my time at Bleacher Report I got to work on numerous front facing commercial projects both on a creative perspective but also in a consultant role giving direction and feedback to produce campaigns that were true in voice and aesthetic to present B/R as an innovative social first brand changing the definition of sports coverage. These campaigns were developed for consumption during NBA on TNT broadcasts and were heavy lift projects that took months of work and development. These promotional videos were often times a collaboration between myself and our marketing, studio, or social departments to raise awareness of some of our most unique products or to elevate brand recognition.

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The biggest challenge in producing and art directing promotional commercials or being a part of the team that was tackling these projects was finding ways to creatively represent various aspects of Bleacher Report's brand in an efficient yet memorable way. Representing the different sides of what the company is capable of and how the brand messaging has evolved over time in an authentic way through different mediums is a sizable lift. Whether it is promoting new shows that we are creating, or developing the art direction around campaigns to promote our social presence, or even finding ways to launch a new brand refresh, these exercises and pieces of content required working in a confined time limit while still being eye-catching enough to make an impact on watchers. I was given a chance to play the role of art director, producer, and creative consultant on a number of these commercial projects and it brought with it an opportunity to shape the perception of B/R as a brand voice and make it the authoritative intersection of sports and culture where fandom is brought to the forefront through creativity and authentic storytelling.

Making an impact.

Over my time at Bleacher Report I had a number of opportunities to work on content that was shared on linear broadcast as promotional commercial content for Bleacher Report both from a brand awareness perspective but also for shows that we were producing or even around social content that we were promoting around key tentpole moments on our sports calendar such as the Start of NBA season or the stretch playoff run. These types of commercials allowed me to take different roles, everything from building the content from the ground up on a motion graphics and design and conceptualization standpoint, to art direction, creative consulting, building a campaign around them in partnership with our marketing team, and developing repeatable vehicles that would use these linear broadcasts as a funnel to promote internal content.